We love when customers send us pictures of how they decorate their home with their Round Top Collection goodies. Customers will bring pictures on their cell phones into the stores loaded with pictures of their homes decorated with their RTC favorites. Lexie and I love to drive around our hometown Cypress, TX to see all of the yards filled with RTC yard pieces. Santa, snowmen, and reindeer oh my! Lexie and I love to show off our RTC products on our front porch. Lexie loves the RTC Red and White Packages mixed in with the RTC Reindeer with Ornaments. As a finishing touch, we added an RTC Plaid Gift Wreath on the front door to and a reindeer doormat to invite guests into our home.

Our Front Porch


Looking through the album of customer decorations we noticed just how creative people are with their Round Top. One customer placed a RTC Santa Bag on top of her tree in place of a star and it looks amazing!

RTC Tree with Santa Bag

To view the whole album click on any of the pictures below.

We love to see how YOU are decorating your homes with our Round Top Products! Please Facebook message us your photos to be featured on our board!

Posted by The Round Top Collection Gallery on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

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