How to Assemble a Round Top Collection Great Pumpkin

Fall Pumpkins

Fall is just around the corner and it is almost time to bring out your favorite RTC decorations. If you are new to Round Top Collection one of the most popular designs is the rippled pumpkin. These come in a variety of sizes including a massive 4 Foot Wide Great Pumpkin. Below is a comprehensive instructional […]

Decorate for the Holidays with RTCG Customers and their Families

We love when customers send us pictures of how they decorate their home with their Round Top Collection goodies. Customers will bring pictures on their cell phones into the stores loaded with pictures of their homes decorated with their RTC favorites. Lexie and I love to drive around our hometown Cypress, TX to see all […]

How to Properly Take Care of Your Round Top Collection Pieces

A question we always get asked is, “How do I protect my Round Top pieces so I can enjoy them season after season?” Great question! Here at Round Top Collection Gallery we want to ensure you and your family can enjoy your favorite Round Top pieces year after year. Below are a few tips on how […]